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Commercial offer for website promotion
Search Engine (general scheme of work).
Determining the cost of promotion.

The specific price promotion no cost, but there are methods of determining the average value, which is used in practice, it is not quite perfect, but the other is not.
For a site selected by the major search queries is determined by how much competitors are spending money on the reference to these requests, calculated the size of the budgets of the TOP30.
Next is some arithmetic average price.
According to the logic - other things being equal, the site should be in the TOP10 for the majority of queries at design cost.

However, there are other factors:

- Age of the site
- The quality of content
- Quality of design
- Convenience structure
- Download speed
- Position of the site, which is already
- The availability of filters
- Availability queries in the URL
- hosting
- region
- The availability of the site in the catalog Yak
- The presence of natural links
- Many other factors

Because promotion price may be changed in a large, and in the smaller side.

Scheme of work

1. You pay the first tranche 1/4 agreed budget and further equal payments per week PayPal or wallet card.

If you work on your accounts, then I give the settlement of accounts, but at the Rabta me - for one month in advance.

2. Consistent full list of search queries and promotion budget per month (after the first tranche).

As requests are selected for promotion?

In the first place in the list includes those requests that are provided by the customer.
If no request from the customer, then:
- Those already in the Top50 in Google and that generate a significant traffic;
- According to the site's content;

The budget is determined on the basis of competition searches and medium budgets topics.

3. Upon receipt of the first tranche, I spend a detailed analysis (audit) of your site.

4. On the basis of the audit prepared by TK optimization and error correction.

Ideally - if, in practice, makes changes to the code - the creator of the site.
If the creator of the site connection is lost - changes to the code I am making when approving the customer's request to streamline and provide access.

site Audit
Site Audit consists of 2 parts:

- Analysis of a site's visibility in search engines, as well as the availability of possible filters.
- Analysis of the internal content (content site) and its structure.


- Position at the moment the agreed searches
- Checking for the presence of possible filters imposed by search engines
- The uniqueness of the text on the relevant pages of the site
- Uniqueness and consistency tags
- Consistency of titles and subtitles, as well as their code on the page
- Structure of the site and site optimization menu
- Code logic (not to be confused with the validity) and verification of the application of rel = "nofollow"
- Checking service files - robots.txt, sitemap.xml, contact page
- Placement of pictures, videos, scripts, forms,
- other

5. The company is established on the outer optimization - purchase links.

Links are bought not in automatic mode, each link is checked.
Links purchased as eternal and temporal, in the initial stage of the vast majority of the time reference.

6. On Tuesdays report. The report - the position of the website in search engines for queries promoted in the form of a table - the last 10 tests.

7. In Google dynamics of growth in 2-3 weeks.

However, the dynamics - (forward) in the search engines and the actual TOP10, is a different category.

What I do not do?

- Advertising in banner and teaser networks;
- Posting on forums;
- Runs on various directories, profiles;


Reports are available 1 day a week on Tuesdays.
The report - any data that you zatrebuete and may be obtained by software.
Standard - site position on search queries in chronological order, that is, the previous report data is added to the present - in the appropriate column of the table, thereby clearly visible dynamics.


No one can calculate mathematically perfect timing and accurate budget, to evaluate the impact on one or the other request of each specific reference, to determine the degree of relevance of the site (page), as well as other internal factors - promoted requests.
Promotion - this work is not a linear system.
Therefore in SEO guarantees can not, in principle, for sensible people, because they can not give a third party.
************************************************** **********
Not one of the leading SEO companies in the CIS and the world, does not give guarantees.
************************************************** **********
Promises and guarantees - different categories.

The visible result of proper promotion is the dynamics of site traffic and positions, and as a consequence - increase in orders. This is reflected in the weekly reports in specific, clear tables.

When promoting, SEO Specialist creates conditions for the site for positioning on the request to the highest level, in the top ten.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

1. And what traffic will be at the site in 1-2 months?

Website traffic can not be forecast, traffic affects not only the positions promoted by the request, but the number of high-quality pages. The more pages of your website, the more interested users will find what they need.
From the quality of the site depend on the user returns, so for example, for news sites the user returns - the main source of traffic.

2. What kind of warranty?

Guarantees in SEO does not happen.
The agreement - the type of refund money fiction.
No serious SEO company in the world - does not give guarantees.
It is necessary to distinguish the beautiful promises of guarantees.
As has been written above, the only way to track the effectiveness of promotion, a systematic monitoring of the positions promoted by the request, it is sent to the customer on Tuesday weekly.

3. And what methods will promote the site?

Choice of methods does not. This effect on the main factors in ranking search results. Namely - on internal factors and external factors. The main external

factors for Google - it is external incoming links, their pyramidal structure must be on the PR.
Impact on the internal factors - is the optimization and development of the site, the impact on the external - the creation of (mostly buying) operating inbound links to promote the site.

1. Let's promote the eternal link, why use the time?

Eternal links are used to create a natural link mass, but the influence of a particular reference towards eternal price - the impact is not very effective. Only eternal exile in advance is not really difficult subject, as well as the so-called articles eternal or necessary budgets is much higher calculated.
Thus, a temporary link with certain parameters N will cost 20 USA Dollars per month.
To create an equal slice reference weight using the eternal link budget should be increased to 10-15 times.
If it were so simple, temporary link exchange would be ruined, however, is bucking the trend.

2. Will there be a rise PR?

Let it be. However, PR 1 is recalculated once a year. Although recently there are statements that PR will not be recalculated to the public in general never ... .Nuzhno understood that both the PR, as an indicator does not affect the site's traffic and position. When promotion is not intended to increase PR, these figures are the result of promotion, but not the goal.
References that affect the positions do not always affect the PR and vice versa.

3. I have read (a), that Google refers to bad links?

Links are a major ranking factor. Such statements were, however, do not understand their meaning. There is even a term - bad links, but the logic can be seen in another. The bad link - a link imprinted by the site owner himself. This occurs when ordering so-called runs on trust site and postings ...
Experience shows otherwise - as a reference work, and work in terms of impact on rankings.

Refund Policy - (https://www.2checkout.com/documentation/policies/refunds/goods.html)